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Diet is a major factor in human gut microbiome variation. Assessing personalized diet and nutrition is critical when comparing individual microbiomes and their diet associations. However, there are limited methods to collect and analyze diet and nutritional information in the context of microbiome studies.
Dr. Dan Knights of the University of Minnesota presents a guide to diet-microbiome study design developed from a recent dense longitudinal shotgun metagenomics study of personalized diet-microbiome interactions. Learn the ideal principals of personalized diet-microbiome study design to maximize downstream results.

  • Is diet the primary driver of microbiome variation?
  • How to find associations between human gut microbiome profiles and personalized diet.
  • Optimal study design for microbiome sampling protocols and dietary assessment.

Dan Knights is an Associate Professor of Computer Science, Engineering, and Biotechnology at the University of Minnesota. In his multidisciplinary research lab, his team applies machine learning techniques to study gut microbes and disease, building bioinformatics tools for microbiome-targeted drug discovery and analysis of diet-microbiome interactions. In 2016, Dan co-founded CoreBiome (now Diversigen) a next generation sequencing and bioinformatics provider that powers microbiome discovery through sequencing, analysis, and consulting services geared toward the study of the microbiome of living organisms and environments.

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Dr. Dan Knights, PhD

University of Minnesota