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Nature Communications publishes new research showing that Human milk oligosaccharides, milk microbiome and infant gut microbiome modulate neonatal rotavirus infection

Nature Communications publishes new research from Joseph Petrosino, PhD, Diversigen Founder and Chief Science Officer, and other leading researchers.  Using multidisciplinary approaches, the research report shows that a complex interplay between human milk oligosaccharid[es (HMOs), milk microbiome, and infant gut microbiome impacts neonatal rotavirus infections.

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Cleveland Clinic today announced the Top 10 Medical Innovations of 2017 at a multi-media presentation that climaxed the 2016 Medical Innovation Summit.

Topping the 11th annual list is the harnessing of the microbiome, the gut bacteria swarming in all of us. Recent discoveries have revealed the power of microbes to prevent, diagnose and treat disease. The healthcare industry will soon be pouring resources into addressing the potential for new therapies, diagnostics, probiotics and other products.

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