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Discover biomarkers in atopic dermatitis in a CLIA-certified laboratory or determine if your skin product is microbiome friendly. Tailored to reduce taxonomic dropout and maximize downstream results BenchMark™ was developed for research from skin disease to personalized beauty and cosmetics. 

Combining real-time PCR sample quantification, dual-indexed multiplexing, and optimized enzymatic and PCR conditions, as well as suppressing chimera formation and minimizing PCR error, BenchMark™ shows greater accuracy when tested head-to-head against other amplicon sequencing methods in analysis of define mock communities. Included with every BenchMark™ project is a complimentary Core Analysis™ report, which provides all raw data, interactive visualizations, and annotated tables 

Design your studies with microbiome experts and utilize optimized molecular biology processes to generate highly accurate skin microbiome profiles. 

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High-accuracy skin microbiome profiling platform 

High-accuracy skin microbiome profiling platform 

Advantages of BenchMark™ 

  • Optimized extraction and sequencing for skin samples 
  • High-throughput, high-accuracy skin microbiome profiling 
  • Taxonomic dropout eliminated 

The human skin is a vast and diverse environment that harbors hundreds of bacterial species as well as fungal and viral taxa in lower relative abundance. Subdivided into three major groups: sebaceous, wet, and dry, the skin microbiome is notoriously difficult to research. Presenting unique challenges such as, low biomass samples and high host contamination which can make it difficult to obtain high quality microbial nucleic acids, Diversigen’s BenchMark™ amplicon sequencing is designed to overcome barriers in skin microbiome research.