Powering microbiome discovery

Fast, reliable microbiome analysis using cutting-edge genomics and informatics.

Diversigen represents over a century of microbiome experience demonstrated by more than 300 scientific publications and over 100,000 citations in respected scientific journals. 

Fast. Accurate. Predictive.

Accelerate Your Discoveries

Diversigen offers fast, reliable microbiome analysis using cutting-edge genomics and informatics. We help customers with study design and collection through to data generation and full custom analysis.

Precise. Controlled. Scaleable.

Expert Microbiome Analysis

Quality is everything.

We control every step of microbiome analysis, from the moment your samples are collected to the final data analysis.

Iterate faster. Get insight sooner.

Our platform is designed around generating fast, accurate, massive data sets to help you iterate the scientific process and get to insights faster.

Don't diagnose...Predict.

Diversigen combines meticulous sample processing and DNA sequencing with machine learning to help you discover the next breakthrough.

Neutral. Stable. Reproducible. 

Samples not collected yet?

Ask about OMNIgene® collection kits from our sister company, DNA Genotek. Take a ‘snapshot’ of the in vivo state right at the moment of collection. Ensure your microbiome profiles represent the phenotype of interest, not artifacts of overgrowth or degradation.

In the news

Behind the Data with Dr. Emily Hollister

In a new series profiling our team of microbiome experts, we have set out to understand microbiome research by asking our bioinformaticians – who have published highly cited papers ranging from topics on paleomicrobiology to semi-industrial profiling of the microbiome.  Our bioinformaticians are experts in the human microbiome at birth and in

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Diversigen provides services and generates data for research purposes only.  Not all services are available in all regions.