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Innovate the way you interpret the microbiome with optimized methods and advanced analytics. 


Diversigen offers fast, reliable microbiome analysis using molecular techniques and informatics. We help customers with study design and collection through to data generation and full custom analysis. 

Diversigen’s Metatranscriptomic Service delivers valuable insights into microbial activity with gene expression and taxonomic profiles.

Diversigen’s BenchMark service leverages optimized amplicon sequencing of marker genes such as 16S V4, 16S V1-V3, or ITS2 for accurate microbiome profiling. 

BoosterShot is Diversigen’s shallow shotgun sequencing service. Highly-accurate, BoosterShot provides full species-level resolution and functional profiling for large scale studies.

MetaGene™ Canine is a specialized metagenomics service that utilizes a comprehensive canine reference database to substantially improve understanding of canine microbial community composition and function.
Core Analysis is our comprehensive annotation and analysis pipeline that delivers your data through our customer portal. You’ll not only get sequence data, but also taxonomic and functional profiles and comparative plots delivered with every project.

CorePlus Analysis is our fully customizable bioinformatics consulting service that includes hypothesis testing, biomarker discovery, and other custom analyses.

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Partner with our team of expert scientists, bioinformaticians and project managers to expand your discoveries. Diversigen’s accessible team of experts are ready to leverage their years of microbiome research experience to help you at every step of your project. 

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Highlighting our presentations at the Precision Medicine World Conference 2022

Defining precision medicine and its aim  Precision medicine—occasionally referred to as “personalized medicine”—is an approach or medical model that promotes customizing and tailoring healthcare based on an individual’s underlying biological traits. The driving force behind precision medicine is the progress being made in the “big data” movement including genomics, transcriptomics,

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Samples not collected yet?

Ask about OMNIgene® collection kits from our sister company, DNA Genotek. Take a ‘snapshot’ of the in vivo state right at the moment of collection. Ensure your microbiome profiles represent the phenotype of interest, not artifacts of overgrowth or degradation.

OMNIgene OM-200 collection kits

Innovate the way you interpret the microbiome

Diversigen provides services and generates data for research purposes only.  Not all services are available in all regions.