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Crop Yield

Microorganisms comprising both the plant and soil microbiome play a vital role in crop yield and plant disease.

For example, a recent ​global survey of soil diversity elucidated both the vast complexity of the soil microbial community across the globe, while highlighting a more limited set of taxonomic groups that may be targets for applied microbiology.

Similarly, ​key taxonomic groups​ are responsible for providing ecosystem services such as soil carbon sequestration, nitrogen fixation, and nutrient uptake by plants.

Our microbiome profiling helps customers understand this complex relationship, in order to discover new approaches to boost crop productivity by modulating the microbiome.

Soil Amendment

Different fertilization techniques have distinct impacts on the soil microbiome and the resulting crop yield.

The microbiome represents an opportunity to develop novel soil amendments and more precisely target interventions based on the relationship between soil microbiome and crop yield.

Animal Health

As is the case with human health, an ​abundance of recent research​ links the health of pets and farm animals to their microbiota.

Manipulating the animal microbiome with prebiotics, probiotics, and environmental interventions provides a means to improve digestive health, prevent disease, and promote growth in food production animals.

Feed Conversion Ratios

Microbiome profiling can be used to discover factors influencing feed conversion in livestock, to monitor the effects of feed additives, and to target supplements to specific populations.

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Every microbiome experiment has to some extent unique source materials, sample volumes, and research questions. The choice of an optimal mix of technologies and specifications will depend upon those particulars.

In order to ensure that your experimental design is optimal, we initiate all projects with an in-depth discussion about your goals via email or teleconference.

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Animal health