Former CEO of H2O+ Beauty, Former Chief Chemist of MAC Cosmetics Launch Innovative Skincare Brand Using First-Ever Scientific Microbiome Testing

Pure Culture Beauty delivers a clean, customized skincare regimen formulated to enhance consumers’ skin health


SAN FRANCISCO, Sept. 15, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Today, Joy Chen, former CEO of H2O+ Beauty, and Victor Casale, former Chief Chemist of MAC Cosmetics and co-founder of CoverFX, announced the launch of Pure Culture Beauty, the first skincare brand using data and science to deliver a comprehensive, customized skincare regimen to consumers. Pure Culture Beauty is taking an innovative approach to skincare, offering a suite of personalized skincare products that are uniquely developed to target the individual’s skin microbiome and improve the skin’s overall health.

“We are thrilled to announce the launch of Pure Culture Beauty and unveil our customized approach to skincare,” said Chen, co-Founder and CEO of Pure Culture Beauty. “We know skincare is personal and that the products you use should reflect your particular skin needs; yet, most people don’t understand their skin type and health, which leads them to choose products that aren’t the best fit. With this launch, we’re empowering consumers to gain a deep understanding of their skin and offering a skincare routine that’s just right for them.”

The products – a cleanser, serum, and moisturizer – utilize clean, active ingredients that are meant to work as a system to enhance the skin’s microbiome. Each of the gender-neutral products has a custom formula designed to meet the unique skin needs of the users.

“We know personalization exists in nearly all facets of our lives, but it tends to stop at skincare. While consumers can choose what products to use or what brands to buy, they rarely have any say in the product formulation used to address their skin – what’s inside the bottle is the same for everyone,” said Casale, co-Founder and Chairman of Pure Culture Beauty. “Pure Culture Beauty is different: we’re developing products that start with the individual and end with targeted, personalized skincare delivered right to your home. We’re very excited to finally launch.”

Pure Culture Beauty has partnered with DNA Genotek and Diversigen, the leading providers of high-quality biological sample collection products and end-to-end services for genomics and microbiome applications. DNA Genotek will supply the OMNIgene·SKIN microbiome collection kits and Diversigen will provide full microbiome analysis services, offering a complete understanding of the users’ skin microbiome. DNA Genotek and Diversigen are wholly owned subsidiaries of OraSure Technologies, Inc. (NASDAQ: OSUR).

“Through our combined deep understanding of science and emerging research, DNA Genotek and Diversigen recognize the importance of understanding the individual’s skin microbiome to help companies like Pure Culture Beauty provide a personalized offering,” said Dan Knights, PhD, Senior Scientific Advisor, Diversigen Inc. “Bringing together the highly complementary capabilities of DNA Genotek’s OMNIgene·SKIN microbiome collection kits and Diversigen’s analytical services will advance Pure Culture Beauty’s vision of using this powerful technology to provide their customers with personalized skincare options. We are thrilled Pure Culture Beauty has selected DNA Genotek and Diversigen’s sample-to-insight solutions.”

About Pure Culture Beauty
At Pure Culture Beauty, we deliver pure products for the culture of your skin. Our company, founded by Joy Chen and Victor Casale, was launched with a bold vision for the beauty industry: to deliver personalized skincare products that are just right for you. Using the results of our skin profile analysis, At-Home Skin Test as well as the first-to-market Skin Microbiome Kit, we deliver customized solutions straight to your doorstep. Our gender-neutral products were designed to work as a system, formulated with clean, active ingredients to enhance your skin’s overall health. So, as your skin changes, so do the products we make for you. Pure Culture Beauty is headquartered in San Francisco, CA. For more information, please visit

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