CAZYMECarbohydrate Active Enzyme Characterization

CAZymes are responsible for modification of all carbohydrates and are vital for the well-being of many organisms. Composed of five major classes with over 300 subfamilies, CAZyme characterization is a window to the functional activity of the microbiome.  

Our CAZyme characterization platform was created by training algorithms on over 74 million genes to detect CAZyme content and observes CAZymes using alignment at 97% identitagainst a gene database derived from the Diversigen’s Venti strain database.  

CAZyme characterization can be included in BoosterShot® or DeepSeq projects to create CAZyme scoring tables. Samples that have already been sequenced using whole genome shotgun metagenomic sequencing can also be processed depending on depth and read length.  

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Functional Microbiome Insights 

CAZymes characterization provides unique insight into carbohydrate metabolism. For example, Dan Knights, one of Diversigen’s founders, used CAZyme characterization to determine significantly different relative abundances of CAZymes across first and second-generation immigrants in the United States compared to control groups.  

Read more about Dan Knights research and Diversigen’s CAZyme characterization platform on our blog 

Samples suited for CAZyme Characterization 

Ideal samples are human associated microbes with high biomass. Other sample types may be suited for CAZyme annotation, please contact one of our microbiome scientists about other hosts. 

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