MetaGene™ Canine Tailored canine gut microbiome analysis

Our understanding of gut microbiome composition and function depends on reference databases and how well they represent systems and their hosts. In the case of canines, using reference databases composed of mainly human-relevant microbes provides limited information, leaving a large proportion of canine gut microbiome sequences unannotated. This creates an incomplete picture of the canine microbiome. To address this, Diversigen developed MetaGene™ Canine, a specialized metagenomics service that utilizes a comprehensive canine reference database that substantially improves understanding of canine microbial community composition and function. 

Our solution delivers:

A better picture of the canine gut microbiome

MetaGene™ Canine identifies more canine-relevant taxa and Kyoto Encyclopedia of Genes and Genome (KEGG) pathways resulting in higher taxonomic and functional resolution. With over 1,500 metagenome-assembled genomes (MAGs) from canine samples annotated with the Genome Taxonomy Database (GTDB), MetaGene™ Canine uses a curated canine database to improve reads mapped when compared to analysis done using human-focused databases.

Identify a significantly greater percentage of reads mapped when compared to the analysis done using a human-focused database vs MetaGene™ Canine (curated RefSeq DB) (t-test, p<0.001).

Uncover more canine microbiome functions associated with health, nutrition and disease

By significantly increasing annotation using our curated functional and taxonomic database, MetaGene™ Canine provides greater and unique KEGG modules that allow for: 

  • Understanding changes in canine health and disease 
  • Gaining insight into canine nutrition, diet and role of the microbiome in metabolism 
  • Discovering microbe-canine interactions and microbial community dynamics 
Triplicate canine gut samples from 4 unique donors annotated using MetaGene™ Canine and a curated RefSeq database demonstrate significantly increased recovery of more reads from KEGG modules as well as unique KEGG modules using MetaGene™ Canine.
Gut Samples KEGG Modules
Differentially Abundant Unique
MetaGene™ Canine RefSeq DB MetaGene™ Canine RefSeq DB
Canine 1 163 6 2 0
Canine 2 157 2 2 0
Canine 3 207 5 3 0
Canine 4 185 31 2 0

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