Mouse microbiome research has provided valuable insights into human diseases, including  cancer, diabetes, and obesity, by decoding functional interactions between the host and microbial communities. Diversigen’s team of scientists has developed MetaGene™ Mouse to accelerate translational research.   Our comprehensive services combine optimized pre-analytical steps, including DNA extraction and sequencing, with tailored analytics enhanced by our mouse-specific database.  

Discover biomarkers with functional characterization and pathway analysis

MetaGene Mouse is the first comprehensive metagenomic pipeline designed for translational mouse microbiome research. Our optimized methods and mouse-specific database increase the specificity of functional database annotation opening avenues for exploring biomarkers and pathway analysis.

  • Identify metabolic pathways present in a microbial community
  • Compare between control and treatment groups
  • Identify functional genes for potential disease biomarkers
  • Study potential interactions between your intervention and the microbiome 


Principal Coordinate Analysis of Bray Curtis distances derived from the all-levels KEGG Orthology (KO) table output from functional mapping in MetaGene – Mouse. Samples are colored according to housing convention: Lab, permanent lab animal; LabR, germ-free lab animal reconstituted with microbiome derived from lab mice ; Wild, wild caught: WildR, germ-free lab animal reconstituted with microbiome derived from wiled mice.

Identify taxonomy with species and strain-level resolution

Our unparalleled methods and curated database improve the characterization of the mouse microbiome. Profile with high specificity and sensitivity to the strain level and identify key microbes present in mice models.  







The percent of reads mapping to the genus, species and strain level using the Burst aligner paired with DivDB-Mouse for MetaGene-Mouse shotgun data or dada2 paired with Silva for 16S V4 data. N = 39

Leverage bioinformatic tools and reference database designed specifically for translational mouse microbiome discovery

MetaGene Mouse annotates with higher mapping rates for improved detection and identification of bacterial strains and functions. Our database comprises over 19,000 genomes, including more than 1,100 mouse-specific bacterial isolates, mouse microbial whole genome assemblies and high-quality metagenome-assembled genomes.

Dedicated metagenomics service for mouse microbiome research

Features of MetaGene Mouse 

  • Project consultation 
  • Dedicated study coordinator  
  • Metagenomic sequencing starting at 2 million reads  
  • Strain level taxonomy profiles 
  • Functional pathway characterization 
  • Alpha/beta diversity metrics 
  • Optimized fecal pellet extraction 
  • Standardized library preparation 
  • Quality-controlled data 
  • Core Analysis™ Report 



MetaGene Mouse is optimized for fecal pellets. We accept most types of microbial samples and have expertise in optimizing even the most challenging ones. Contact us to discuss the best approach for your research objectives.  


Turnaround Time 

In general, our turnaround times are 4-6 weeks. These times can be adjusted to meet your needs. Contact us for a turnaround time estimate for your project.  


Partner with microbiome experts

Partner with our team of microbiome expert scientists, bioinformaticians and project managers to expand your discoveries. Diversigen’s accessible team of experts is ready to leverage their years of microbiome research experience to help you at every step of your project. 

Diversigen provides services and generates data for research purposes only.  Not all services are available in all regions.