Nucleic Acid Extraction

While it’s often an after thought, sample extraction is an important step to get right to ensure you get accurate sequencing results.

Input nucleic acid quality and quantity can have dramatic impacts on the microbial profile generated from your samples. A sub-optimal extraction method can introduce bias into your results so it’s important to get it right. Working closely with microbiome sample experts like the scientists from DNA Genotek, the University of Minnesota and the Human Microbiome Project, we’ve spent years perfecting our extraction techniques.

We have experience working with a wide array of samples types, some of the most common are listed below. Contact us if your sample of interest is not represented here.

  • Primary Samples (ex. stool, saliva, biopsies, urine, GI contents)
  • Swabs (skin, nasal, vaginal, oral, rectal, environmental/surface)
  • Mixed microbial communities and microbial consortia
  • Isolates, strain libraries and pure cultures
  • Soil and other environmental samples

For more information regarding sample preparation and shipment, check out our sample guidelines.


Our standard DNA extraction protocol uses a high throughput version of Qiagen’s PowerFecal Pro extraction kit, but we will optimize our extraction approach to suit your research needs. Our DNA extraction service includes a quality control report as well as internal controls. Speak with one of our microbiome scientists to determine the best extraction approach for your samples.

Diversigen provides services and generates data for research purposes only.  Not all services are available in all regions.