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Our skin is colonized by a unique set of microorganisms known collectively as the skin microbiome. The composition of these microbial communities is directly influenced by the application of skin products. However, the unique properties of skin require specialized methods to accurately interpret the skin microbiome to inform personalized cosmetic development.

We offer best in-class sample collection, proprietary extraction, high-throughput sequencing, and advanced bioinformatics --all developed by skin microbiome experts. Leverage a complete process for skin microbiome profiling to better understand microbial signatures and their impact on cosmetic solutions.

Support skin microbiome friendly products

Generate microbial profiles necessary to formulate products that will promote a harmonious environment for the beneficial bacteria contributing to skin health. Understand the microbes responsible for a radiant and balanced complexion and how best they can be nurtured with your next cosmetic and personal care products.

Designed for all skin types

Our service generates accurate profiles by identifying true sequence variants representative of the skin community in all types of skin. Whether you are looking into one site or several, our comprehensive skin microbiome service is ready to support your project.

Leverage skin microbiome expertise

Our team of microbiome professionals will be with you at every step of the process. Let us amplify your next cosmetic with microbiome insights for radiating beauty and skin health.

Empower skin microbiome friendly formulations with our comprehensive skin microbiome service

Research has shown that the skin microbiome plays a vital role in immune system modulation, protection against pathogens, and maintaining skin homeostasis. Imbalances or dysbiosis in the skin microbiome have been associated with various skin conditions such as acne, eczema, and psoriasis. Understanding the relationship between the skin microbiome and skin health is crucial for developing personalized microbiome-friendly cosmeceuticals to restore healthy, beautiful skin and maintain microbial balance.

DNA Genotek and Diversigen are committed to offering an end-to-end skin microbiome service to support the development of cosmetic solutions to the unique microbial signatures of consumers. Overcoming challenges associated with low biomass extraction, DNA Genotek's patented OMNIgeneTM•SKIN device allows for easy collection with ambient temperature storage and shipping to stabilize samples at point of collection. Pairing these samples with the proprietary extraction method from Diversigen, OMNIgene TM•SKIN device samples recover 100X more microbial DNA than conventional methods. Using innovative bioinformatics to uncover true sequence variants and identify skin microbes down to the species-level with high specificity and sensitivity for accurate insights to power your skincare development.


Collect and stabilize microbial DNA from all skin types

The OMNIgeneTM•SKIN device is an all-in-one system for easy self-collection and stabilization of microbial DNA from dry, wet and sebaceous skin samples for microbiome profile analysis.


Improved sample success through proprietary extraction

Diversigen's optimized high-throughput extraction method reduces bias and recovers 100X more DNA than conventional methods.


Accurate species-specific microbial identification.

Our analysis generates accurate profiles by identifying true sequence variants representative of the skin community in all types of skin (sebaceous, moist and dry)


Reliable insights for clear interpretations

Our end-to-end solution delivers comprehensive data on skin microbes with high specificity and sensitivity by using tailored bioinformatics.

Support the development of personalized cosmetics for your consumers with our end-to-end skin microbiome service.

Our solution delivers:

Insights to support skin microbiome friendly formulations

Understanding the skin microbiome provides the necessary information and tools to develop products in harmony with the skin's microbial communities. This includes skincare products such as cleansers, moisturizers, serums and cosmetics that promote a balanced and healthy skin microbiome. Formulate your cosmetics and personal care products tailored to the unique microbial signatures of your consumers with our skin microbiome profiling service.

Seamless integration into product development

Supporting your microbiome needs at any stage, we will work to enhance your product workflows with insightful skin microbiome results. Our skin microbiome profiling service is your one-stop-shop to add skin microbial insights to your established processes for skin care product development.

Skin microbiome expertise at every step

Our team is not just involved but actively engaged, bringing a wealth of experience on each phase of product development, ensuring optimal results and supporting a smooth journey from start to finish.

Offering customizations and branding opportunities

Amplify your skincare brand with our available customization and single-order fulfilment services. Highlighting skin microbiome-friendly claims on your products and resonate with the growing consumer base prioritizing skin and skin microbiome health.

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The DNA Genotek OMNIgene™•SKIN device and Diversigen skin microbiome service are for research use only