High-accuracy skin microbiome profiling

Personalized Beauty & Cosmetics

Discover if your products are skin microbiome friendly. Create safer, more beneficial skin care products by understanding personal skin microbiome communities.  Diversigen has optimized scalable sequencing and bioinformatic platforms to support personalized skin microbiome research – develop personal beauty and cosmetic products for improved skin health. 


Atopic Dermatitis & Acne Vulgaris  

Understanding the role of microbes in skin conditions is critical to developing personalized therapies. Growing research links microbial activity to the pathogenesis of skin disease. Resolve key species of the skin microbiome and their functional activities promoting or negating healthy skin development. 

Eliminate taxonomic dropout; observe C. Acnes are other skin microbes at their expected abundance outcomes.

Wound & Tissue Healing 

Microorganisms co-exist with the skin and can play a symbiotic role promoting wound and tissue healing. Elucidate the role of microbes on damaged skin tissue and find novel pathways between microbes and healthy tissue regeneration.  

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The skin microbiome presents unique challenges to research, low biomass samples and high host contamination make it difficult to obtain high quality microbial DNA. Overcome barriers in skin microbiome research with  BenchMark, our improved amplicon sequencing pipeline tailored to reduce taxonomic dropout and maximize downstream results 

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In order to ensure that your experimental design is optimal, we initiate all projects with an in-depth discussion about your goals via email or teleconference.  

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