Behind the Data with Dr. Tonya Ward

Drawing meaningful conclusions from microbiome experiments requires certainty in the experimental design and subsequent analysis; appropriate statistical descriptions of the microbiome are still an emerging area of inquiry. Dr. Tonya Ward, Diversigen’s Director of Data Science & Bioinformatics has worked throughout her career to identify methods to better characterize the

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Filling the microbiome data information gap

2020 so far has been an interesting year for me. I started the year by attending one of the biggest precision medicine conferences in the world, Precision Medicine World Conference (PMWC). The conference covered topics including immune-oncology, biomarker diagnostics, artificial intelligence, pharmacogenomics, and data science. As a product manager supporting

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Best practices for improving next-generation microbiome sequencing

Dr. Daryl Gohl of the University of Minnesota Genomics Center, former CSO and founder of CoreBiome and current senior advisor to Diversigen, throughout his career has developed best practices for microbiome sequencing. In August 2019, Dr. Gohl had the opportunity to present at the National Institute of Standards and Technology

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Diversigen and CoreBiome consolidate as one brand

Diversigen and CoreBiome, DNA Genotek’s microbiome services sister companies, have combined their offerings under the Diversigen name. The rebrand highlights the combined companies’ unparalleled scientific bench strength, state-of-the-art laboratory, ability to translate data to insights and collective focus on quality and service. The unified Diversigen operation will continue to offer

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Behind the Data with Dr. Emily Hollister

In a new series profiling our team of microbiome experts, we have set out to understand microbiome research by asking our bioinformaticians – who have published highly cited papers ranging from topics on paleomicrobiology to semi-industrial profiling of the microbiome.  Our bioinformaticians are experts in the human microbiome at birth and in

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DNa Genotek's Podcast & Blogs

Diversigen’s sister company DNA Genotek offers new insights on microbiome, DNA and RNA sample collection, stabilization and services, through their blogs and podcast. 

The Microbiome Snapshot

DNA Genotek’s Microbiome Blog

Molecules, Microbes and Multiomics

DNA Genotek’s Podcast

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