Microbiome Profiling Services

Diversigen offers leading microbiome genomics and informatics, powered by CoreBiome analytics.

Diversigen’s customers include microbiome scientists in pure and applied fields from industry and academia.

We provide microbiome sequencing and analysis that powers microbiome discoveries in small startups, Fortune 500 companies, the labs of academic researchers, and direct-to-consumer companies.

We serve researchers in pharmaceutical and agriculture R&D, environmental monitoring, cosmetics development, pet nutrition, direct-to-consumer testing, and other industries.

Our Expertise Can Power Your Research

Starting with study design, our experts can help with every aspect of your microbiome research, including sample processing, data generation, and full custom analysis to ensure you get the most out of your data.

All workflows are done in-house at Diversigen’s facilities in Minneapolis (New Brighton), Minnesota, where we combine our bias-reducing and optimized protocols to provide you with high-quality sequencing data and annotations.

Our Microbiome Profiling Platforms

  • Amplicon Sequencing – An optimized and low-bias approach to amplicon sequencing of bacteria and fungi
  • Shallow Shotgun Sequencing – Our first in class, accurate shallow shotgun sequencing approach that gives you a data boost with species-level profiles and functional profiling not provided by amplicon sequencing
  • Deep Shotgun Sequencing – Allows you to explore the rarest members of a microbiome and uncover functional signatures
  • Strain Analysis – Comprehensive strain-bank profiling of bacterial isolates

Every sequencing project  includes our Core Analysis™ report in which you will receive fully annotated data tables, interactive visualizations, and all the raw data delivered through our customer portal.

CorePlus™ Analysis enables our expert bioinformaticians to help you make new discoveries. Through fully-customizable data analysis, combining robust and trusted methodologies, with novel approaches, we help our clients go from hypotheses to actionable data.

Diversigen provides services and generates data for research purposes only.  Not all services are available in all regions.

Microbiome Sample analysis and sequencing